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Destiny 2: Here’s The Fastest Way to Farm Arc Elemental Orbs!

Destiny 2’s first ever Summer Event Solstice of Heroes just went live today. Players have been griding since then to get all new and shiny armor. For that, you need to complete certain challenges first (collecting elemental orbs etc). Some of them are pretty time-consuming if you haven’t completed them before; such as Obtaining the Sagira Ghost Shell.

Well, to upgrade your first Schorched Armor set, you need to do several tasks. Some of them require you to collect Elemental Orbs (arc, solar, and void) in different locations. Well, here’s the fastest way to farm elemental orbs.

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How to Farm Arc Elemental Orbs

Note: Before we start, make sure you have all your Schorched Set equipped before you start farming.

Step 1: Load up the Normal Nightfall that is The Pyramidion this week.

Step 2: Use any Arc Heavy weapon (we suggest Wardcliff Coil).

Step 3: Once you load into the Nightfall, drop down to the first encounter, and start killing off Yellow Bar enemies with your Arc Heavy Weapon. They’ll drop 1-3 Arc Orbs each.

Step 4: Eliminate every Minotaur except the Last One.

Step 5: Let the last Minotaur kill you and your team, so you could start from the beginning.

Step 6: Repeat Step 1-5 again and again till you get your Armor challenge completed.

Here you have it. This YouTuber has also showcased how effective this method actually is. Watch his video below:

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Source: YouTube

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